Cloud Empire is our proprietary, cloud-based graph intelligence engine. Behind the 3D knowledge graphs that we render in-browser is an index of market data obtained through Open Source Intelligence (OSINT).


Using a synthesis of machine learning and human analysis we are able to  deal with a wide variety of structures and formats of data. We filter, clean and extract data to ensure that our graphs render an immutable record that our clients can trust.

We're even able to ingest customer data into bespoke graphs through an Extract, Transform and Load  (ETL) pipeline. And it doesn't stop there - we're exploring the use of natural language understanding and generation, summarisation and conversational AI to further streamline the Human Computer Interface (HCI), as well as both Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) implementations of the graph explorer.



Our Knowledge Graphs for the Low Carbon Economy map the ​key players and connections driving the sustainable future of business. We look at the intersection of sustainable mobility - from the battery and sub-component suppliers whose parts are being incorporated into electric cars, trucks and aircraft to the flow of capital into related projects such as drone delivery and autonomous vehicles. Try our demo graph here to see what it's all about.

We map investment relationships, supplier / partner connections, merger & acquisition activity as well as vehicle programmes themselves.

The graphs are constantly updated as our crawlers uncover new entities and our analysts verify connections. Subscribers to our 'Low Carbon - Light' graph can see some this play out as their 3D market meta verse evolves, our 'Low Carbon - Medium' customers can keep track with weekly summaries from our analysts, picking out the most important market developments as they're added to the index.

  • Low Carbon - Light

    Every month
    Osinto's most affordable low carbon economy knowledge graph
    Valid for 12 months
    • Access a snapshot of low carbon economy data from our index
    • New content added to the graph every quarter
    • Limited filtering, but no search functionality
  • Low Carbon - Medium

    Every month
    Osinto's in-depth knowledge graph of the low carbon economy
    Valid for 12 months
    • A full view of low carbon economy data from our index
    • Access to new features as rolled out (eg. entity search)
    • Advanced filtering options
    • Members-only newsletter summarising top developments
    • Members-only website content, analysing market developments
    • New content added to the graph every week
Image by Casey Horner

Explore a demo version of the Low Carbon Knowledge Graph:

Best viewed on  🖥, and piloted with a 🐁.

AAM Map - Medium -  August 2021.PNG



The Cloud Empire platform is flexible and can be used to host data on almost any topic where relationships between nodes can be defined. We have a robust Extract, Transform & Load (ETL) pipeline to ingest new data, and can host private graphs on secure domains.

From mapping the flow of information within a business or network to visually tracking the NFT transactions on a given blockchain - there are e plethora of potential applications on which the Cloud Empire platform can be leveraged.

We work in consultation with clients to define requirements and assess the structure and cleanliness of data in the first instance - we encourage those interested  in a bespoke application of the technology to contact the team in the first instance to schedule a call.

  • Custom Graph

    Every month
    A bespoke, private Cloud Empire knowledge graph
    Valid for 12 months
    • We clean and load your data into a private graph
    • Customisable data structure
    • Control over presentation (eg. node / relationship styles)
    • Custom crawlers can collect new content


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