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This is Part Two of a series of posts with content taken from our whitepaper 'Mapping the Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) ecosystem', published in collaboration with the Lufthansa Innovation Hub in April 2021.

If you missed it, here's Part One; 'An Introduction to the Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) Ecosystem'.

A Complex Network of Stakeholders

This map is an excerpt of the heterogenous and rapidly expanding advanced air mobility ecosystem as of Q1 2021, with organisations as nodes, and commercial relationships between them as links. In this instance, a link can be a disclosed financial investment or a supplier/partner relationship, e.g. as divulged in a press release or social media post. This way of visualising the ecosystem aids novel analysis, and has reinforced that:

Keep Reading

Find Part Three of the whitepaper here - 'Analysing Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) Investment Strategies I' where we look at the first of two different strategic approaches to investing in the sector.

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