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A good summary from 09/19 on how NASA, and in partsees the Urban Air Mobility (UAM) market developing. The video includes:

The five pillars where technical progress needs to be made, as NASA see it, are:

  1. Vehicle design - clarifying NASA won't be building an aircraft themselves but providing technical leadership on areas where

  2. Piloting - looking at the pathways towards automation

  3. Airspace Architecture - integrating UAM & UTM into the existing US national airspace system

  4. Real-time Operation of Airspace - to manage increased traffic levels and use automation to augment the work of human air traffic controllers

  5. Community Integration - looking at how to add 1000s of additional flights per hour over urban areas whilst minimising auditory and visual noise

We hear from experts including:

You can read more about some of the top talent from NASA who've moved to industry in our post The NASA Aerospace 'Ninjas' helping Uber Elevate.

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