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Advanced Air Mobility Analysis in Cloud Empire

In the week that both Archer Aviation and Lilium will have their stock market debuts, in this video we fly through the future of flight, analysing connections in the Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) / Urban Air Mobility (UAM) sector:

We see how Lufthansa subsidiaries connect German competitors Lilium and Volocopter and that Mubadala are invested in both Archer and REEF Technology who're partnering with their competitors Joby Aviation on vertiport infrastructure. We can also see how battery manufacturers CUSTOMCELLS connect Lilium with Porsche, how Baillie Gifford are hedging their risk with financial interests in not just Joby Aviation and Lilium but a significant shareholding in Embraer whose Eve Air Mobility spin-out is working on an eVTOL air taxi of its own.

We take a peek at the role Agility Prime is playing, noting just a few participants of the USAF programme - Beta Technologies, Kittyhawk and mid-mile aerial logistics player Elroy Air. We also see that Fidelity backed SPAC PIPE investments in both Beta and Joby, and lastly note that the Plug and Play Tech Center were early investors in several exciting AAM market participants - Blade Air Mobility, Elroy Air and Ascendance Flight Technologies.

You can explore this dataset yourself in our Cloud Empire demo - right here, in your web browser in 3D!


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