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We're a remote-first, Anglo-Ukrainian team who use of a variety of tools and approaches to deliver actionable intelligence to our clients.

We also collaborate with a network of freelancers to supplement our abilities and resources on a per-project basis.

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Charles swapped a career at the British Foreign & Commonwealth (FCO) office for life as a startup founder and entrepreneur.

His diverse work history has included working on renewable energy Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) projects for the British Embassy in Copenhagen, participating in a UNFCCC 'COP' climate conference, running flight operations for a family office's hangar of vintage aviation assets, scouting start-ups for venture capital investors and telling data-driven stories for corporate clients at a digital agency..

His own entrepreneurial ventures have included everything from hyperlocal news and an online marketplace for used cars to a directory of coworking spaces and even launching a low sugar tonic water!

At Osinto Charles takes care of pretty much everything except writing the code.


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Mykhailo 'Mike' Bevz has spent most of his career as an entrepreneur writing code. From developing mobile apps and websites through a variety of ventures, to managing distributed teams all across Eastern and Western Europe for well over a decade.

Mykahilo moved back to his native Ukraine in 2018 and deepened his specialisms in Artificial Intelligence and as a Cloud Architect. Most recently he has focused on implementations of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) including work on AI chatbots commercially deployed for Fortune 500 clients.


Both a fullstack, language agnostic software developer and experienced DevOps specialist Mykhailo also has expertise in intelligence gathering and drone operations.

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